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Instructions for Decorative Wood US Flag Set

  1. Remove contents from box and lay on flat surface. You should have the following:

    · Adjustable white nylon bracket with 4 screws for mounting & set-screw.
    · US Flag
    · 2-section varnished hardwood pole with ball ornament and no-slide clip
    · White nylon flag fastener with set-screw
    · Flag Etiquette brochure

  2. Mount bracket to porch or side of house with screws supplied and adjust to desired angle.
  3. Assemble 2 sections of flagpole.
  4. Affix flag by using clip through top grommet.
  5. Remove set -screw from flag fastener, slip fastener up bottom of flagpole.
  6. Position opening in fastener under the bottom grommet of flag.
  7. Replace set- screw in fastener through grommet of flag thereby holding flag snug against pole.
  8. Insert pole into bracket and secure with set-screw on bracket.